November 2019

Note: If you know of a member of AA who has passed away, please send an email ( to Gene or call him (618.228.9108) so he can send out an email to let the fellowship know. Thank you.

District 14 met on 10 Nov 2019 at the 623 Club with the 623 Group hosting. There were 27 attendees. The 15 Dec 2019 meeting will be held at the O’Fallon Trailer Group. As always, the meeting starts at 1 p.m. unless so stated. Hope to see you there.

As we promised, we will publish in each issue of the BN a list of the groups/people donating to the District. Here are the 7th Tradition donations received from 13 Oct 2019 to the present.

7th Tradition Donations to the District:

How It Works Group – $100

Collinsville New Life Group – $200


Dist 14 has a post office box & the address was printed on the cover page of the Where & When for 2019 & will be done in the future. The address is: District 14, P.O. Box 23794, Belleville IL 62223

Donations to District 14 can be mailed to the above address. If sending a check, please make it out to: District 14 AA


Committee Reports:

Archives: Alex C.: She is working on a sweet display that shows a lot of history of the District.

Booze News and Where & When’s: Gene E.: W&W’s: W&W’s were handed out at the meeting. At the GSR Mtg, the initial draft for the 2020 W&W was reviewed by the Trusted Servants BN: All is well.

Bridging the Gap: Jeri J.: Liz is going to get Jeri’s info & anyone who would like to add their contact info to the Director’s at the Treatment Center’s to provide to patients that check-out and need someone to contact. Asking for input.

Corrections: Chuck D. & Ed H.: Attendance has gone back up.

CPC: Eric O. : Nothing to report

CSO: Joni M. : Not present

Grapevine: Robbie M. : Nothing to report.

MESYPAA: The ISCYPAA Convention for the State of Illinois is going to be held 13-15 March 2020 at the Four Points Sheraton in Fairview Heights IL. Flyers have been printed for the event. Doing a lot of outreach.

PI/LIT: Vacant

Special Events: Connie S.: see report below on Alkathon

Technology Committee: Rob C.: Nothing to report.

Treatment Facilities: Liz M.: A committee mtg was held; the budget was discussed & this will be available at the next mtg. SMARTS picked up their literature. Gateway is going well.


ISCYPAA is having a trivia event that will be held 16 Nov 2019 at the Damascus Road Fellowship Church at 1485 Frank Scott Pkwy W, Belleville, IL. Doors are open at 5:30 p.m., Megan G. is speaking at 6 p.m. & the Trivia Event begins at 7 p.m.

The December 2019 Area Assembly will be hosted by District 14 & will be held on 8 Dec 2019 at the St Luke’s Parish Center at 225 North Church St in Belleville IL. The registration is $5.00 and a light breakfast will be provided. The lunch is $10.00. For more info, contact Cheryl M. at 618.402.5260.

The Triangle Group will be celebrating their 57th Anniversary on 12 Dec 2019 at the 1st Baptist Church in Litchfield IL at 608 North Van Buren St. The specific location is the big Fellowship Hall. Dinner will begin at 6:30 p.m. & the speaker at 7:30 p.m. which will be Matt P. from Collinsville IL. Ham, Mostaccioli, coffee & tea will be provided. Please bring a covered dish and come help us celebrate!!!

Alkathon 2019-2020: The Alkathon is back to the Grade School Cathedral. Connie S. is contacting groups about sponsoring days. Entertainment is being worked. More later….

BIRTHDAYS: (Birthdays will only be entered if they occur before or on the date of the GSR Meeting; otherwise, they will be entered in a future edition of the Booze News).

623 Group: Kent W. – 27 yrs, Bob E. – 26 yrs, Tom W. – 15 yrs, Mike H. – 14 yrs, Kim G. – 12 yrs, Kris B. – 10 yrs, Christina O., Tyler D. – 6 yrs, Andrew W. – 4 yrs.

Cahokia Serenity Group: Les L. – 32 yrs, John D. – 22 yrs.

Carlyle Lake Group: Mike H. – 19 yrs.

Coffee Pot Group: Greg B. – 24 yrs.

Dr Bobs Group: Pat M. – 13 yrs, Lisa B., Nancy H., Joshua H. – 9 yrs.

East St Louis 12×12 Group: Sandy G. – 24 yrs, Clark W. – 23 yrs, Victor B. – 22 yrs, Kieness J. – 16 yrs, Greg L. – 12 yrs.

Gatehouse Group: Tim H. – 32 yrs.

G.O.D. Group of Sparta: Mary R. – 36 yrs.

Kings House Group: Dave R. – 39 yrs, Terri V. – 11 yrs, Sal G., Kara B. – 5 yrs.

Mascoutah Group: Clint C. – 6 yrs.

O’Fallon Trailer Group: Fred B., Rob B. – 41 yrs, Cindy K-W. – 38 yrs, Laura B., Dennis L. – 37 yrs, Bill F. – 36 yrs, Jim B. – 35 yrs, Sean O. – 33 yrs, Jim O. – 30 yrs, Jerry V. – 26 yrs, Glen B., Joe S. – 25 yrs, Ed S. – 24 yrs, Allen Y. – 23 yrs, Lee Ann E., John K., Mike J. 22 yrs, Laurie F., Doug W. – 21 yrs, Bill M., Jeremy W. – 19 yrs, Donna S., Jill H., Tommy M. – 18 yrs, Chris E. – 10 yrs, Barbara H. – 9 yrs.

Trenton Group: Mark M. – 18 mos.

Waterloo Group: Lee V. – 35 yrs, Irene S. – 25 yrs.

Women of Hope 2.0 Group: Jennifer S. – 4 yrs.

Rule 62 Corner:

Rule 926: I am not infallible where gossip is concerned. Courtesy of All Eight (8) People at the 15 Oct 2019 Meeting at the Trenton Group

Rule 927: When our lives are lived as rich and interesting pictures, we find our rewards are far deeper and more lasting. Courtesy of Touchstones Daily Meditations for Men, reading of 23 September

Rule 928: A person who is mistrustful and self-centered has difficulty listening to someone else. Courtesy of Touchstones Daily Meditations for Men, reading of 3 October

Rule 929: We cannot come and go unnoticed. Since we will make an impact, we learn to treat ourselves and the people around us with respect and justice. Courtesy of Touchstones Daily Meditations for Men, reading of 8 October

Rule 930: Admitting the truth is unsettling. It also makes us more honest, more accessible, more spiritual, and readier to deal with threats to our recovery. Courtesy of Touchstones Daily Meditations for Men, reading of 12 October

Rule 931: Sometimes giving does not come easily……We can truly hold onto nothing but ourselves. Giving…..helps create the kind of world we want to live in. Courtesy of Touchstones Daily Meditations for Men, reading of 14 October

Rule 932: Tryng to control and change the people around us creates great problems in our relationships. Courtesy of Touchstones Daily Meditations for Men, reading of 19 October

Editor: Gene E. 228-9108