February 2017

February 2017

District 14 Website Address: District 14 Web Site [https://www.aa-district14.org]

Note: If you know of a member our Fellowship who has passed away, please Email [jshellis@sbcglobal.net] Subject: “Memorial”
OR call Gene E. at 618.228.9108 so he can notify the fellowship.
Pictures may be attached for the yearly Memorial slide show which has become a tradition during the Alcathon.  Please include a Statement of Permission granting us the right to display the image.
Thank you.


  • Women of Hope hosted the District 14 Business Meeting District 14 on 12 Feb 2017
    Venue:  The 623 Alano Club   [120 N. 3rd Street \ Belleville, Illinois 62220]
    There were 30 attendees.
  • There will be NO Business Meeting in March 2017 due to the Area Assembly – see below.
  • The How It Works Group will Host the April District 14 GSR Meeting on 09 April 2017 .
    Venue:  The 623 Alano Club   [120 N. 3rd Street \ Belleville, Illinois 62220]All District Meetings begin at 1 PM. Hope to see you there.


    Mary Kay K-B.
    A longtime member of the O’Fallon Trailer Group, her presence will be sorely missed but never forgotten.
    Mary Kay leaves us with 27 years of sobriety.

    7th Tradition Donations to the District:
    (received between 8 Jan 2017 – 12 Feb 2017)
    East St. Louis I&C Step Study – 10.00
    King’s House Group – $120.00
    St. Henry’s (Tue) Reflections Group – $140.00


    District 14 has acquired a post office box. The address is:
    District 14
    P.O. Box 23794
    Belleville IL 62223

    This address will be added to the Contact Us page of the Website.

    Fischer’s Restaurant is Closing on 15 Feb 2017.  Many groups and organizations will have to look elsewhere for locations to hold functions; AA is included in that listing.

    Seniors In Sobriety:  is relocating to: Eckerts Country Store at the intersection of Route 15 and Greenmount Road in Belleville IL [951 South Green Mount Road \ Belleville, Illinois 62220].  The meeting will be held in the back dining room. The meeting will still be held from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday.  Please contact Terry L or Connie S with questions.
    This change will be reflected both online & in the newly printed W&W, which will be going to press soon.


    Please Note:  Many Committee Chairs have rotated out [as the terms are two years], so the opportunity for Service at the District level exists.

    Archives:  Alex C. –  has accepted this Chair.  A Plans & Procedures manuel specifically tailored to District 14 for the purpose of archiving is in the draft stage. &nbp;More later …

    Booze News \ Where & When:  Gene E. retains chair –  BN is doing great.  A motion to print 4000 copies of the new Where & When was accepted.  Expect them to be ready in March 2017.
    Please Send ALL Meeting Information\Changes to: Gene at [jshellis@sbcglobal.net]     PLEASE INCLUDE …

    Meeting Updates:  [New, Disbands, Time, Day, Date, Location or Format Changes]  Subject: “Meetings”
    Meeting’s Accessibility:
      [Parking \ Facility \ Meeting (Room) – Wheelchair Accessible: Elevator or Ramp; Street level entry … Signer or Support Animal welcome; Bi-lingual .. etc]  Subject: “Accessibility”
    Birthdays:  Give your information to your Group’s GSR [to be submitted] or contact Gene directly.  This will help us post a more accurate list.  Subject: “Birthday”
    Meeting Updates  [New, Disbands, Time, Day, Date, Location or Format Changes]  Subject: “Meetings”
    THANK YOU !!


    Bridging the Gap:  Ben G. –  has accepted this Chair.  Ben will start working on a plan that will provide the next step after treatment.  This will generally be a halfway house then to a Meeting for a certain period of time to introduce them to A.A.

    Camel Walk:  VACANT – Not Present.  If no one steps up for this Committee, it will be disbanded.  There are still T-shirts available so Please continue getting your card signed.

    Corrections:  Chuck D. & Ed H.
    A. – St Clair County Jail – Met with Chaplain Lou Slapshak on 31 Jan 2017 & provided him with a case of Big Books to be used and reused for the meetings there.  The Chaplain stated he needs at least 4 volunteers to assist with meetings.  If interested, contact Chaplain Lou at 618.234.8334.
    B. SWICC – the Wednesday meeting is currently canceled due to lack of attendance. Monday & Friday night are going fine. The search for more volunteers never ends.

    CPC:  Terry L. – has accepted this Chair.  Jackie C. stepped up to help.  This will be her first Service position.  More in April … See Techology Committee Report.

    CSO:  Larua M –  has accepted this Chair.  Three individuals attended the CSO Board Meeting on 22 Jan 2017. &bnps;Ten people were in attendance.  Secretary’s report was tabled as the secretary was not able to attend.  Treasurer’s report was presented.  Ralph M. gave the literature inventory report.  CSO is developing a website & Ron P. gave the technical report.  CSO may borrow Rob C. (Dist 14) to assist.  Archives report was given by Carl M. &Nbsp; There is a lot of memorabilia at CSO.  The liaisons for Dist 18 gave their respective reports.  There was a brief discussion of old/new business and meeting closed with the Responsibility Statement.

    Grapevine:  Dennis M. –  Putting together a package for people to be able to subscribe both by paper & by electronic means.  More later…..

    PI/LIT:  VACANT –  Not Present

    Special Events:  Sam A. –  Not present.

    Technology Committee:  Rob C.& –  Teresa K. & Mark W. – present, Paula E – not present.   The committee rolled out the new (full responsive) WordPress website on 11 Feb 2017.  “Looking great to this point.  ‘It looks fantastic on any mobile device”.
    There is a new ‘Subscribe’ fuction available to sign up for or opt out of the Booze News.  Subscribers will receive a ‘bounce back’ eMail to verify authenticy of request.  They will be asked to provide First & Last name .. this is for Gene’s purposes only .. to accept subscription.   More innovations are on the way.  There were 9118 hits on the website in Jan 2017.
    A request has come through the ‘Contact Us’ function of the website for Dist 14 asking for representatives of A.A. to join the Convoy of Hope Church – Community Wide Outreach Event at the Jackie Joyner Kersee Fndn in ESL on 22 July 2017.  This has been cross-fed to the CPC Committe & they will develop something for the event.
    REMINDER:  Please Send Upcoming Events, Announcements, etc
    (with a FLYER – if available) to [District14Live@gmail.com]  Subject: “CALENDAR” or “EVENTS”

    Treatment Facilities:  Diane H –  Going very well at the Eagles Nest.  Speakers were needed and the fellowship provided 5 male speakers.  The Eagles Nest meetings are on Mondays at 7 p.m.  Previously only men were asked to speak at Eagle’s Nest, it was agreed that women can now speak.  Contact Diane for more information.

    Workshop:  VACANT –  Not Present


    NOTE:  All phone numbers have been removed from the Details here – but remain available on the Viewable\Printable FYLERs

    PLEASE see DISTRICT CALENDAR  for More Information on these Events !!

    PLEASE submit ALL Events, Announcements, Notices to “District14Live@gmail.com”. Please Include “Event”, “Announcement”, “Notice” – etc – respectfully – in the SUBJECT LINE.
    Please attached a FLYER – if applicable — OR you may request one be made. – Thank You .. District 14 Technology Committee.

    JULY 10, 2016 – Tickets went on sale for the 76th Annual St Louis CSO Alano Banquet – The Banquet is Sold Out !!  Event Date:  19 Nov 2016.
    Venue:  Orlando Gardens [2050 Old Dorsett Road \  Maryland Heights, Missouri  63043]

    23rd Annual – Cedar River Roundup will be 17-19 Feb 2016.
    Venue:    [1200 Collins Road Northeast \ Cedar Rapids  52405]

    The 2017 Great River Roundup will be held 3-5 March 2017.
    Venue:  Pere Marquette Lodge & Conference Center  [13653 Lodge Blvd \ Grafton, IL   62037]

    Sat 11, March 2017 District 14 hosts our Annual:  Corned Beef & Cabbage dinner.  Dinner served at 5pm.  Speaker Meeting at 7pm, followed by a FREE Dance
    This year’s Corned Beef & Cabbage will be the KICK OFF EVENT for the 2017 Spring Area Assembly – See Next Event !!
    Venue:  the Cathedral Grade School – Cafeteria  [200 South 2nd Street \ Belleville, IL 62220].

    District 14 will host the SIA 2017 Spring Area Assembly on Sun 12 March 2017
    Registration begins at 8 am – $5\ person
    Assembly begins at 9 am
    Lunch – provided by Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen $10 \ person
    Venue:  the Cathedral Grade School – Cafeteria [200 South 2nd Street \ Belleville, IL 62220].


    3rd Annual Women in Recovery Luncheon will be held 2 April 2017 from 9 am – 12 N.
    Registration: Early Bird $20 \ per (through March 22 ONLY) OR $25\ person at the door.  “Blossoms and Butterflies”.
    NEW Venue:  Our Lady of the Snows – Shrine Banquet Hall  [442 South DeMazenod Drive \ Belleville, IL  62223].

    The 2017 Southern IL Area 21 Pre-GSC Workshop will be held 8 April 2017.  There is NO registration fee for the Assembly – however, Lunch is $10\person.
    Venue:  the St. Nicholas Catholic Church  [623 St. Nicholas Drive \ O’Fallon, IL  62269].

    The 30th IAAMC-Gateway to the 4th Dimension will be held 21-23 April 2017 at the Holiday Inn Downtown in St Louis MO at 811 North 9th St.
    Venue:  the Holiday Inn Downtown  [811 North 9th Street \ St. Louis, Missouri  63101]

    The SIA 21 Summer Assembly will be held 11 June 2017 in Taylorville IL.
    Registration begins at 8 a.m. – $5\person
    Assembly begins at 9 a.m.
    Lunch will be catered by Angelo’s – $7\person.
    Venue:  Taylorville Memorial Hospital Auditorium  [600 North Pawnee Street \ Pawnee, Illinois  62568]

    The 1st Annual Metro East Banquet will be held 5 August 2017.  Dinner begins at 6;30 pm.  Speaker will be Peter M (Boca Raton, FL) & be begin at 8 pm.
    Tickets are $34\person.
    Venue:  Bel-Aire Bowl  [200 South Belt West – Hwy 13 \ Belleville, IL  62220]


    (Birthdays will ONLY be entered if they occur before or on the date of the GSR Meeting; otherwise, they will be entered in a future edition of the Booze News).  
    PLEASE see Booze News \ Where & When notes, above.

    623 Group:  Phil C. – 35 yrs, Joe B., Johnnie S. – 33 yrs, Dennis H. – 27 yrs, Becky F. – 23 yrs, Terri L. – 18 yrs, Kath M., Steve C. – 16 yrs, Lisa P. – 15 yrs, Gary G. – 14 yrs, Randy M., Dallas H. – 13 yrs, Scott R. – 11 yrs, Mark F. – 10 yrs, Dave S. – 8 yrs, Matt G. – 7 yrs, Bob F., Terri V. – 6 yrs, Amy Z. – 2 yrs, Patrick P. – 30 days.

    Archway to Freedom Group:  NONE

    Cahokia Serenity Group:   Jack G. – 8 yrs, Matt G. – 7 yrs.

    Carlyle Lake Group:  Ben – 5 yrs.

    Coffee Pot Group:  NONE

    Collinsville Honesty Group [Dist 18]:  Don F. – 26 yrs, Jennifer M. – 13 yrs, Jess W. – 6 yrs.

    Collinsville Lounge Group:  NONE

    Collinsville New Life Group:  NONE

    Courage to Change:  NONE

    Dr. Bob’s:  Shirley S. – 38 yrs, Pat O. – 29 yrs, Jeff H. – 22 yrs, Zak R. – 8 yrs.

    East St Louis 12×12 Group:  Malcolm P., Reggie J., Anne R. – 25 yrs, Ruby D. – 15 yrs, Martenia J. – 12 yrs, Ethereal T. – 9 yrs, James H. – 6 yrs.

    Gatehouse Group:  NONE

    G.O.D. Group of Sparta:  NONE

    How It Works Group:  NONE

    King’s House Group:  Armand W. – 42 yrs, Ken K. – 30 yrs, Maggie E. – 17 yrs, David S. – 12 yrs, Stacey H. – 5 yrs.

    Mascoutah Group:  Chris C. – 3 yrs.

    New Athens Group:  NONE

    O’Fallon Trailer Group:  Rachel G. – 34 yrs, John S., Rob H. – 31 yrs, Anthony K. – 29 yrs, Margie S. – 28 yrs, Vern G., Michael B. – 27 yrs, Cindy C. – 26 yrs, Todd T., Mark K., Bill W. – 22 yrs, Ken B. – 21 yrs, Larry K., Matt J., Doug H. – 19 yrs, Jeff S., Tim F. – 18 yrs, Jim O., Amy G., Ryan G., Jeff O. – 16 yrs, Nick D., Tony M., Jim C., Kim G., Gary Q., Julie J. – 15 yrs, Jeremy G. – 14 yrs, Phil W. – 13 yrs, Mary F., Craig W. – 10 yrs, Joe P. – 8 yrs, Matt H., Larry T. – 10 yrs, Wade M., Jeane D., Greg B. – 5 yrs, Karen S., Joe S., Joe R. – 4 yrs, Carrie B., Jackie B. – 3 yrs.

    Red Bud Group:  NONE

    Rule 62 Group – of Breese:  Nancy B – 5 yrs.

    Seniors in Sobriety:  Terry L. – 26 yrs,

    Sparta 212 Group:  Phyllis F. – 30 yrs, Carmon L. – 21 yrs, Ron R. – 19 yrs.

    St. Henry’s (Tue) Reflections Group:  NONE

    St. Henry’s (Thu) Book Study Group:  NONE

    St. Jacob Group – District 18:  NONE

    Trenton Group:  NONE

    Waterloo Group:  Todd B. – 13 yrs, Alan R. – 6 yrs.

    Women of Hope:  Sam A. – 2 yrs.


    Rule 763:    Worry is interest on a debt you may never acquire.
    Courtesy: Jay H. Lebanon IL at the Trenton Mtg


    Creator: Gene E.   (jshsellis@sbcglobal.net)

    Edited & Uploaded by: Technology Comittee