January 2017

January 2017

Note: If you know of a member of AA who has passed away, please Email [jshellis@sbcglobal.net]
Subject: “Memorial” OR call Gene E. at 618.228.9108 so he can send out an email to let the fellowship know.  Pictures may be included for the yearly Memorial slide show as part of the Alcathon.

Please include a Statement of Permission granting us the right to display the image.
Thank you.


  • The 623 Group hosted this month’s District 14 meeting on 08 Jan 2017.
    Venue:  The 623 Alano Club   [120 N. 3rd Street \ Belleville, Illinois 62220 ]
    There were 23 attendees.
  • The Women of  Hope will Host the next District 14 GSR Meeting on 12 Feb 2017 .
    Venue:  The 623 Alano Club   [120 N. 3rd Street \ Belleville, Illinois 62220]

    All District Meetings begin at 1 PM. Hope to see you there.

    7th Tradition Donations to the District:

    623 Group – 175.00
    Dr Bob’s Group – $210.00
    How It Works Group – $160.00
    Our Group – $20.00


    The District is checking into location and cost of getting a storage unit for the District’s supplies.

    The District will pursue getting a Post Office Box like many other Districts so there is a constant address for correspondence, bills and donations.

    The Tuesday meeting at St Henry’s has been renamed the Reflections Group.

    The Jim B. Okawville Meeting has CLOSED.

    The Kings House meeting on the 1st Monday of each month is now a Step Meeting.  The remaining Mondays will stay a Big Book meeting.

    The above Meeting changes will be noted on-line and in the next Where & When.

    Fischer’s Restaurant is Closing on 15 Feb 2017.  Many groups and organizations will have to look elsewhere for locations to hold functions; AA is included in that listing.

    Alkathon Follow-Up:
    Tuesday night at our Alkathon a group of the current Gateway Foundation “intakes” attended.  We (Ed H. & Gordon N.) were in attendance too.  The residents were chaperoned by a counselor who is an AA member.  The following day at the noon Alkathon meeting, this counselor attended and shared on the exuberance exhibited when this bunch returned to Gateway among their fellow “intakes”.  She said she didn’t want to understate this excitement.

    It struck us like lightning that this is the very intent of our Alkathon in Carrying the Message.  Maybe more importantly, they witnessed AA – in Action.  More specifically, an AA Group – in Action.  That’s what our Alkathon is all about …. ‘AA Groups – in Action’.

    Nothing could have carried a better example to them of our District than this visual testimony of AA’s in Service.

    It’s not about all the drama surrounding an event such as this. It’s still about Carrying The Message ….. “How much is one life worth?”


    Please Note:  Many Committee Chairs have rotated out [as the terms are two years], so the opportunity for Service at the District level exists.

    Archives:  Vacant – Not Present

    Booze News \ Where & When:  Gene E. retains chair –  BN is doing great.  The 3rd review of the W&W was completed with only minor changes noted.  A decision to print will be made at the February 2017 meeting.

    Please Submit the Following Information to: Gene at [jshellis@sbcglobal.net]
    Meeting Information:
      [New, Disbands, Time, Day, Date, Location or Format Changes]  Subject: “Meetings”
    Meeting’s Accessibility:  [Parking \ Facility \ Meeting (Room) – Wheelchair Accessible: Elevator or Ramp; Street level entry … Signer or Support Animal welcome; Bi-lingual .. etc]  Subject: “Accessibility”
    Birthdays:  Give your information to your Group’s GSR [to be submitted] or contact Gene directly.  This will help us post a more accurate list.  Subject: “Birthday”
    THANK YOU !!

    Bridging the Gap:  VACANT –  Not present

    Camel Walk:  VACANT – Not Present.  If no one steps up for this Committee, it will be disbanded.

    Corrections:  Chuck D. & Ed H. –  Still need more volunteers. Three meetings are supported. This is an opportunity to experience great personal growth.

    CPC:  VACANT – Not present

    CSO:  VACANT –  Not present.

    Grapevine:  Dennis M. –  Nothing to report.

    PI/LIT:  VACANT –  Another public affairs announcement was run through the holidays (at least once) as was in 2015.  At least one person did contact Ed N.

    Special Events:  Sam A. –  Decorations for Alkathon went extremely well & was enjoyed by all.  There was much help taking down the decorations & it was greatly appreciated.  Any and all problems at the Alkathon were overcome through hard work and great personal effort by all present.

    Treatment Facilities:  Diane H –  Dave P. will become part of the committee.  As of this printing, the Eagles Nest facility is stepping up the support and/or participation in and for AA.

    Webservant:  Teresa K. for Rob C. –  The website revision continues with more upgrades. The Web Committee has become the Technology Committee.  The members are: Rob C. – Chair, Teresa K., Paula E. & Mark W.   District 14 is  looking into something that is already being tested at GSO and in Texas is the ability to transfer funds – electronically – for the 7th Tradition.   Dec 2016 hits on the website were just short of 10,000!!!  A feature has been added to the website that allows people to be able to view the website via any device. Another change being developed is the ability to upload committee reports. More changes on the way…..

    REMINDER:  Please Send Upcoming Events, Announcements, etc (with a FLYER – if available) to [District14Live@gmail.com]  Subject: “CALENDAR” or “EVENTS”

    Workshop:  VACANT –  Not Present


    PLEASE see DISTRICT CALENDAR  for More Information on these Events !!

    PLEASE submit ALL Events, Announcements, Notices to “District14Live@gmail.com”. Please Include “Event”, “Announcement”, “Notice” – etc – respectfully – in the SUBJECT LINE.
    Please attached a FLYER – if applicable — OR you may request one be made. – Thank You .. District 14 Technology Committee.

    JULY 10, 2016 – Tickets went on sale for the 76th Annual StL CSO Alano Banquet – The Banquet is Sold Out !!  Event Date:19 Nov 2016.
    Venue:  Orlando Gardens [2050 Dorsett Road \  Maryland Heights, Missouri  63043]

    “The Journey Continues” – A Big Book Study, 2017 Conference & Alcathon will be held 27-29 Jan 2017.  The event opens at 7 p.m. on 27 Jan 2017.
    Venue:  the Northfield Inn  [3280 Northfield Drive \ Springfield IL  62702]

    Sun, 29 Jan 2016 MESYPAA will hold PANCAKEPALOOZA from 1 pm – 4 pm.  There will speakers on Emotional Sobriety.
    Venue:  the O’Fallon Trailer  [108 Carbon Hill Road \ O’Fallon, IL  62269]

    The 2017 Great River Roundup will be held 3-5 March 2017.
    Venue:  Pere Marquette Lodge & Conference Center  [13653 Lodge Blvd \ Grafton, IL   62037]

    Sat 11, March 2017 District 14 hosts our Annual:  Corned Beef & Cabbage dinner.  Dinner served at 5pm.  Speaker Meeting at 7pm, followed by a FREE Dance
    This year’s Corned Beef & Cabbage will be the KICK OFF EVENT for the 2017 Spring Area Assembly – See Next Event !!
    Venue:  the Cathedral Grade School – Cafeteria  [200 South 2nd Street \ Belleville, IL 62220].

    Sun 12 March 2017 District 14 will host the SIA 2017 Spring Area Assenbly.
    Registration begins at 8 am – $5\ person
    Assembly begins at 9 am
    Lunch – provided by Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen $10 \ person
    Venue:  the Cathedral Grade School – Cafeteria.[200 South 2nd Street \ Belleville, IL 62220].

    3rd Annual Women in Recovery Luncheon will be held 2 April 2017 from 9 am – 12 N.
    Registration: Early Bird $20 \ per (through March 22 ONLY) OR $25\ person at the door.  “Blossoms and Butterflies”.
    NEW Venue:  Our Lady of the Snows – Shrine Banquet Hall  [442 South DeMazenod Drive \ Belleville, IL  62223].

    The 2017 Southern IL Area 21 Pre-GSC Workshop will be held 8 April 2017.  There is NO registration fee for the Assembly – however, Lunch is $10\person.
    Venue:  the St. Nicholas Catholic Church  [623 St. Nicholas Drive \ O’Fallon, IL  62269].

    The 1st Annual Metro East Banquet will be held 5 August 2017.  Dinner begins at 6;30 pm.  Speaker will be Peter M (Boca Raton, FL) & be begin at 8 pm.
    Tickets are $34\person.
    Venue:  Bel-Aire Bowl  [200 South Belt West – Hwy 13 \ Belleville, IL  62220]

    The 23rd Annual Mississippi Valley Regional Conference (MVRC) will be held 21-23 Oct 2016.
    “We Stood At the Turning Point” – Hosted by District 13 in Missouri.
    EVENT: Pre-Reg: AA \ AFG $20 \ person
    At the door: $25 \ person    ALA-TEEN: $5 \ person
    Venue:  Hannibal Quality Inn & Suites [120 Lindsey Drive Hwy 36 in Hannibal MO 63401]
    Front of FLYER
    Back of FLYER


    (Birthdays will ONLY be entered if they occur before or on the date of the GSR Meeting; otherwise, they will be entered in a future edition of the Booze News).

    The District received NO new Birthday information for September 2016.  
    PLEASE see Booze News \ Where & When notes, above.

    623 Group:  Bob C. – 31 yrs, Hank H., Teresa K. – 29 yrs, Paul G., Dennis M. – 25 yrs, Aruella L., Mike F. – 23 yrs, Kevin F. – 21 yrs, Earnie C., Hillary K-P. – 20 yrs, Yvonne M. – 19 yrs, Katie M-G., Jovanna K. – 18 yrs, Bob D., Rocky F. – 16 yrs, Dale B., Corianne B. – 15 yrs, Vickie B., Bonnie L. – 14 yrs, Aimie D. – 10 yrs, Dean M. – 8 yrs, Jimmie T. – 6 yrs, Michael C., Andy W., Gary A., Jeremy D. – 5 yrs, Anne G. – 9 mos

    Archway to Freedom Group:  Jeff S. – 9 yr

    Cahokia Serenity Group:  Herestine M. – 19 yrs.

    Carlyle Lake Group:  Mark H. – 27 yrs.

    Coffee Pot Group:  Rick D. – 37 yrs.

    Collinsville Honesty Group [Dist 18]:  Jeremiah F. – 4 yrs.

    Collinsville Lounge Group:  NONE

    Collinsville New Life Group:  NONE

    Courage to Change:  NONE

    Dr. Bob’s (E & W):  Thamous W. – 13 yrs, Bill H. – 9 yrs, Dave S., Donna G., Dick G. – 8 yrs, Kevin S. – 7 yrs.

    East St Louis 12×12 Group:  osh Y. – 28 yrs, Gregory M., Ren T. – 27 yrs, Charlotte R. – 26 yrs, Junior W., Wanda T. – 25 yrs, Dominic D. – 24 yrs, William R., Barbara L. – 23 yrs, Ivory T. – 20 yrs, Eva J., Herestine M. – 19 yrs, Teresa R. – 17 yrs, Cynthia M. – 15 yrs, Tisha F. – 11 yrs, Lawanda H. – 7 yrs.

    Gatehouse Group:  Bill D. – 26 yrs.

    G.O.D. Group of Sparta:  NONE

    How It Works Group:  NONE

    King’s House Group:  Mick G. – 13 yrs.

    Mascoutah Group:  NONE

    New Athens Group:  Mary V. – 7 yrs.

    O’Fallon Trailer Group:  Val O. – 31 yrs, Starlen J. – 26 yrs, Casey L, Barb B. – 22 yrs, Dallas H., Laura T. – 21 yrs, Greg W., Sherry K. – 16 yrs, Scott D., Tom S. – 15 yrs, Shay B., Kevin H. – 14 yrs, Mike M., Candy M., David S. – 13 yrs, Evelyn M. – 12 yrs, Paul P., Brian P. – 9 yrs, Mitch P. – 8 yrs, Kris H. – 6 yrs, Marilyn M. – 5 yrs

    Red Bud Group:  NONE

    Rule 62 Group – of Breese:  NONE

    Seniors in Sobriety:  NONE

    Sparta 212 Group:  Nacey W. – 25 yrs, Ren A. – 18 yrs.

    St. Henry’s (Tue or Thu):  Mike P. – 28 yrs, Todd S. – 22 yrs,

    St. Jacob Group – District 18:  Larry K. – 22 yrs.

    Trenton Group:  NONE

    Waterloo Group:  Ralph S. – 46 yrs.

    Women of Hope:  NONE


    Rule 761:    If you go to slippery places, don’t be surprised if you SLIP!
    Courtesy: of Mark at the Trenton Meeting.

    Rule 762    As practicing alcoholics, we were always wondering “how is this going to make me look?”
    Courtesy of Lee W. Highland IL

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