January 2018

DISTRICT 14 – BOOZE NEWS – January 2018

District 14 Website Address: www.aa-district14.org/
Note: If you know of a member of AA who has passed away, please send an email (jshsellis@sbcglobal.net) to Gene or call him (618.228.9108) so he can send out an email to let the fellowship know. Thank you.
District 14 met on 14 Jan 2018 at the 623 Group in Belleville IL & was hosted by the Women of Hope Group. There were 34 attendees. The next meeting will be held at the Sparta Group on 11 Feb 2018. The time of the meeting has been moved up to 11 a.m. Hope to see you there.

As we promised, we will publish in each issue of the BN a list of the groups/people donating to the District. Here are the 7th Tradition donations received from 10 Dec 2017 to the present:

7th Tradition Donations to the District:
Life Recovery Group – $100
Busted Ego Group – $175
623 Group – $100
How It Works Group – $200

Dist 14 has acquired a post office box & it is printed in the back section of the Where & When for 2017. The address is: District 14, P.O. Box 23794, Belleville IL 62223

Donations to District 14 can be mailed to the above address. If sending a check, please make it out to: District 14 AA

The Young in Sobriety Group that met on Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. At St Matthews UMC has officially closed. The website has been updated & the W&W for 2018 will be updated.

There is a new meeting at the Call For Help site at 9400 Lebanon Road in ESL called Stumble In. It meets on Saturday at 1 p.m. The W&W for 2018 will be updated as will the Website.

Jack Guregian is the new GSR for the Cahokia Serenity Group.
Geri Touchette & John Wuest are the new GSR & Alt GSR for the Stumble In meeting respectively.
Tracy McNeil is the new GSR for the East St Louis Groups.
Rod Hattery is the new GSR for the OFTG.
Eric Nordling is the new GSR for the New Athens Group.

Committee Reports:

Archives: Alex C.: Still looking for more items.

Booze News and Where & When’s: Gene E.: W&W’s: The 2nd draft was reviewed by all present at the GSR Meeting. The fellowship approved the printing of 4000 copies of the 2018 edition of the W&W. BN: All is going great!!!!

Bridging the Gap: Dan G.: Attendings meetings at Gateway a few times per month. BTG has been presented to the clients; 50 to 60 handouts have been provided. So far, still no takers.

Corrections: Chuck D. & Ed H.: There are still two meetings per week. Averaging about 15 people per meeting. Two people are having their applications reviewed seeking approval.

CPC: Terry L.: Not present.
CSO: James R.: All in well.

Grapevine: Dennis M.: Not present

PI/LIT: Dave S. : Not Present.

Special Events: Lisa N.:

Technology Committee: Rob C., Teresa K., Mark W., Paula E.: Rob is still updating meetings which has become an ongoing process but progress has been made.

Treatment Facilities: Craig Z.: There are two meetings per week at Smalls on Sunday & Monday. You must be pre-approved to enter the site. For more info, please call Craig & he will provide all the info you need.

Workshop: Every Saturday at 5-7 p.m. at the 623 Club, there is a workshop conducted by Paula E. on the Foundations of Service. So far, the response and attendance has been exceptional!!!


MESYPAA will be having a Pancakes & Pajamas Party on 21 Jan 2018 at the OFTG from 12:30 to 4 p.m. There will be a speaker panel beginning at 2:30 p.m. On Honesty, Open-Mindedness & Willingness.

The Great River Roundup will be held 2-3 March 2018 at the Pere Marquette Lodge & Conference Center in Grafton IL. Reservations can be made at the lodge by calling 618.786.2331. For more info, call Ryan 618.823.7499 or Nina 618.514.3953 or Jason 618.623.5875.

The Southern Area 21 Assembly will be held on 4 March 2018 at John A Logan College at 700 Logan College Road in Cartersville IL. This event is being hosted by Dist 17. Registration begins at 8 a.m. & the cost is $5.00. The assembly will get down to business at 9 a.m. Lunch will be available & the cost will be $10.00. For more info, Call Tom H. at 618.525.4578 or Lynn D. at 618.519.0919.

2018 Corned Beef & Cabbage will be held on 17 March 2018. The site is still in a state of flux but is being agressively worked. More on this later……

The 2018 Illinois State Conference will be held 17-19 Aug 2018 at the Decatur Conference Center & Hotel at 4191 US Highway 36 West in Decatur IL. This event is being jointly hosted by Dist 18 & Southern IL Area 21. Pre-registration cost is $25 & after 1 Jan 2018 it will be $30. The banquet cost is $35. For more info, call Steve S. at 217.827.7952 or Lisa C. at 217.412.2511.

The Southern Area 21 Assembly will be held on 3 June 2018 at the Mother of Dolors Parish Center at 705 West St Clair St in Vandalia IL. This event is being hosted by Dist 13. More info later…..
BIRTHDAYS: (Birthdays will only be entered if they occur before or on the date of the GSR Meeting; otherwise, they will be entered in a future edition of the Booze News).

623 Group: Bob C. – 32 yrs, Hank H., Teresa K. – 30 yrs, Paul G., Dennis M. – 26 yrs, Mike B. – 25 yrs, Aruella L., Mike F., Becky F. – 24 yrs, Kevin F. – 22 yrs, Earnie C., Hillary K-P. – 21 yrs, Yvonne M. – 20 yrs, Katie M-G., Jovanna K. – 19 yrs, Bob D., Rocky F., Kath M. – 17 yrs, Dale B., Corianne B. – 16 yrs, Vickie V., Bonnie L. – 15 yrs, Randy M. – 14 yrs, Aimie D. – 11 yrs, Dean M. – 9 yrs, Sandra B., Jimmie T. – 7 yrs, Michael C., Andy W., Gary A. – 6 yrs, Jeremy D. – 5 yrs, David S. – 1 yr.

Archway to Freedom Group: Jeff S. – 10 yrs.

Cahokia Serenity Group: Herestine M. – 20 yrs.

Carlyle Lake Group: Mark H. – 28 yrs, Brett H. – 5 yrs.

Collinsville Honesty Group of Dist 18: Jeremiah F. – 5 yrs.

Dr Bobs Group: Jeff H. – 23 yrs, Thamous W. – 14 yrs, Bill H. – 10 yrs, Dave S., Donna G., Dick G. – 9 yrs, Kevin S. – 8 yrs.
East St Louis 12×12 Group: Josh Y. – 29 yrs, Gregory M., Ren T. – 28 yrs, Charlotte R. – 27 yrs, Junior W., Wanda T. – 26 yrs, Dominic D. – 25 yrs, William R., Barbara L. – 24 yrs, Ivory T. – 21 yrs, Eva J., Hertestine M. – 20 yrs, Louise S., Teresa R. – 18 yrs, Cynthia M. – 16 yrs, Tisha F. – 12 yrs, Lawanda H. – 8 yrs.

Gatehouse Group: Bill D. – 27 yrs.

Kings House Group: Stacey H. – 6 yrs.

Mascoutah Group: Roger E. – 1 yr.

New Athens Group: Mary V. – 8 yrs.

O’Fallon Trailer Group: Val O. – 32 yrs, Margie S. – 29 yrs, Starlen J., Cindy C. – 27 yrs, Casey L., Barb B. – 23 yrs, Dallas H., Laura T. – 22 yrs, RZ R. – 20 yrs, Sherry K., Greg W. – 17 yrs, Ched H., Tom S., Scott D. – 16 yrs, Philip D., Shay B., Kevin H. – 15 yrs, David S. – 14 yrs, Evelyn W. – 13 yrs, Brian P. – 12 yrs, Mitch P. – 9 yrs, John R. – 11 yrs, Kris H. – 7 yrs, Marilyn M. – 6 yrs.

Rule 62 Group of Breese: Ron F. – 20 yrs.

Sparta 212 Group: Mary R. – 33 yrs, Nacey W. – 26 yrs, Ren A. – 19 yrs.

St Henry’s Book Club Group: Mike P. – 29 yrs, Todd S. – 23 yrs, Pam W. – 11 yrs.

Trenton Group: Roger E. – 1 yr.

Waterloo Group: Ralph S. – 47 yrs.

Rule 62 Corner:

Rule 804: The central characteristic of the spiritual experience is that it gives the recipient a new and better motivation out of all proportion to any process of discipline, belief or faith. Courtesy of a letter by Bill W. 1965

Rule 805: Adversity gives us more opportunity to grow than does comfort or success. Courtesy of a letter by Bill W. 1964

Rule 806: A continuous look at our assets and liabilities and a real desire to learn and grow by this means are necessities for us. Courtesy of the 12×12, pg 88

Rule 807: We can have an inner sense of joy knowing we are leading meaningful lives, even when we aren’t having a particular happy day. Courtesy of Touchstones Daily Meditations for Men, reading for Dec 17th

Rule 808: Serenity develops, not by eliminating life’s difficulties, but by having a reliable relationship with our Higher Power in the midst of it all. Courtesy of Touchstones Daily Meditations for Men, reading for Dec 11th

Rule 809: Do not let silly things live rent free in your head. Courtesy of Lee W. at the Trenton Mtg

Editor: Gene E. 228-9108