May 2017

May 2017
District 14 Website Address:
Note: If you know of a member of AA who has passed away, please send an email ( to Gene or call him (618.228.9108) so he can send out an email to let the fellowship know. Thank you.
The 623 Group hosted the District 14 Business Meeting on 21 May 2017.
Venue [120 N. 3rd Street  Belleville, Illinois  62220]
There were 30 attendees.
The next District 14 Business Meeting will be held Saturday, 10 June 2017 at
1 pm & will be limited to 1 hour.
Venue [120 N. 3rd Street  Belleville, Illinois  62220]
The time of the meeting(s) remains 1 p.m. Hope to see you there.
She was a friend of Dr Bob & Bill W
She was a longtime member of God’s Corner
He was a member of the Men’s Solution Group
& attended the Primary Purpose Mtg at the 623 Club
He will be missed by many
She attended meetings in the Centralia Area
She will be missed by all
She will be missed
A longtime member of the Gatehouse Group
You won’t do anything until you have had enough pain”
Leaving us with over 31 yrs of terrific sobriety
A longtime member of the Centralia Dry Dock & Coffee Pot Group
& the St Jacob Groups
Always with a smile on his face
Leaving us with over 22 years of great sobriety
She attended meetings in the Granite City area
& stayed at the Oxford House
She will be missed
7th Tradition Donations to the District:
No report this month
District 14 Mailing Address:
District 14, P.O. Box 23794, Belleville IL 62223
New Meeting: 3 Legacies Group at 1485 Frank Scott Parkway West in Belleville IL. It is at the Damascus Road Fellowship Church. Time is 7:30 to 8:45 p.m. on Friday(s). It is an open meeting. This will be updated in the online Where & When soon.
New Meeting: Busted Ego Group at 414 West Hanover in New Baden IL. It is at the Zion United Church of Christ. Time is 7 p.m. On Thursday(s). Park and enter at the rear of the building. This is a discussion meeting. This meeting will also be in the online Where & When soon.
An item that has become a hot topic at GSO in New York is a Safety Card that can be read at meetings. Ask your GSR about this……
Committe Reports:
Archives:   Alex C. – Trying to catalog & preserve everything we currently have on hand.
Booze News and Where & When’s: Gene E.- Everything is going great with both the BN and W&W’s. Furnished Dave S. with a bunch of W&W’s via USPS prior to the meeting for distribution. Handed out more W&W’s at the GSR Meeting.
Bridging the Gap: Ben G.- Talked with one of the Directors at Gateway on the 60-day program. He loves AA; especially the aftercare portion. He understands the unique relationship one AA has to another AA. Ben will do a presentation every other month. Ben is still working on Chestnut….as it deals with adolescents….doing a presentation there will have to be carefully arranged with all permissions in line. There is a new treatment center in East St Louis…more on it later.
Corrections: Chuck D. & Ed H. – Attendance has been up since the letter to the administration of SWICC. Attendees are very positive.
CPC: Terry L. & Jaclyn C. – A presentation was done at Lindenwood College in Mar 2017. Very well received. This could possibly become a yearly thing.
CSO: Laura M. – No report
Grapevine: Dennis M. – No report
PI/LIT: Dave S. – W&W’s were distributed to all locations Dist 14 supports. Event at JJK Center in ESL is in July 2017….have not been able to contact anybody yet. No flyers available yet.
Special Events: Lisa N. – After the Apr 2017 GSR Mtg, a group of people went and cleaned up plus organized the current stock of AA supplies that are used for the Alkathon & Corned Beef and Cabbage events. Dennis M. stated that his garage is cleaned out and is ready for these items to be stored at that location.
Technology Committee: Rob C, Teresa K., Mark W., Paula E. – If you have a flyer on an AA function and want it posted on the District 14 Website, please send it to:
The website is continuing to get meeting requests and they are quickly being answered. Several months ago, we uploaded our meetings to an online meeting app. Teresa searched ‘Online AA Meeting Apps’ through the PlayStore. She sent emails to invite the App Authors to pull down our spreadsheet and add us to their App. One has responded & Dist 14 meetings are available there.
April 2017 Booze News will shortly be uploaded to the website. May will also follow in the next week.
Treatment Facilities: Diane H. & Dave P – Not present
Workshop: Vacant

The Southern IL Serenity Campout (formerly the Rend Lake Campout) will be held 2-4 June 2017at the Arrowhead Lake Campground at 1600 Peterson Avenue in Johnston City IL. For more info, call Rhonda, Mary or Nancy.

The 37th Annual Friends of Bill W. Float Trip will be held 9-11 June 2017 at the Bass River Resort. The cost is $65 per person. For more info, contact any of the following: Chris C., Ron S., Chris M., Joe S., or Josh G.  Always an absolute blast!!!
The annual Highland Group Picnic will be held 10 June 2017 at Silver Lake Park in Highland. Fellowship begins at 11:00 a.m. The eating commences sharply at 12 Noon. The speaker begins at 1 p.m. who will be from St Louis this year. There also will be live music to enjoy!!!
The SIA 21 Summer Assembly will be held 11 June 2017 in Taylorville IL at the Taylorville Memorial Hospital Auditorium at 600 Block of North Pawnee St. Registration begins at 8 a.m.and the Assembly begins at 9 a.m. Registration is $5.00 Lunch will be catered by Angelo’s and the cost is $7.00. For more info, contact Tim C.
The 17th Annual Midwest Motorcycle AA Convention will be held 16-18 June 2017 at theWinnebego County Fairgrounds in Pecatonica IL at 500 West 1st Street. For more info, contact Russ or Tami.
The 1st Annual Metro East Banquet will be held 5 Aug 2017 at Bel-Air Bowl (Panorama Banquet Center) at 200 South Belt West in Belleville IL. Fellowship begins at 5:30 p.m. With dinner beginning at 6:30 p.m. The speaker will be Peter M. (Boca Raton FL) & will commence at 8 p.m.Tickets are $34 per person. For more info, contact Dennis H. (618.910.9807) or Adam W. (618) 520-1344.
The 34th Annual Fall Classic will be held 1-3 Sep 2017 at the Airport Hilton at 10330 Natural Bridge Road in St Louis MO. Registration is $20; the banquet is $44; the brunch is $18. Always a fantastic time and a great location and facility. For more info, contact Stacey Z.
Dr Bob’s Group annual picnic will be held 16 Sep 2017. More later……
BIRTHDAYS: (Birthdays will only be entered if they occur before or on the date of the GSR Meeting; otherwise, they will be entered in a future edition of the Booze News).
623 Group: Dennis H. – 35 yrs, Marc S. – 34 yrs, Kay W. – 33 yrs, Mike C. – 28 yrs, Rodger T. – 22 yrs, Sandy C. – 15 yrs, Jay H. – 12 yrs, Joe S. – 11 yrs, Scott W. – 9 yrs, Jacqueline M. – 8 yrs, Lana D. – 5 yrs, Dave P. – 4 yrs, Annie G. – 1 yr.
Cahokia Serenity Group: Ron W. – 26 yrs.
Carlyle Lake Group: Denny H. – 35 yrs, John R. – 11 yrs, Laurie K. – 9 yrs.
Coffee Pot Group: Jere B. – 25 yrs.
Collinsville Lounge Group: Rich C. – 29 yrs, Larry O. – 12 yrs.
Courage to Change Group: Cheryl S. – 7 yrs.
Dr Bob’s: Roy B. – 30 yrs, Sara S. – 11 yrs.
East St Louis 12×12 Group: Maurice Y. – 23 yrs, Vickie P. – 16 yrs, Angela W., Sam L. – 14 yrs, Anthony H. – 10 yrs, Reggie W., Lamanuel H. – 8 yrs, William D. – 7 yrs.
Gatehouse Group: Mark K. – 14 yrs.
How It Works Group: Gordon N. – 23 yrs.
Kings House Group: John B. – 22 yrs.
Mascoutah Group: Pat B. – 11 yrs.
New Athens Group: Joyce D. – 34 yrs, Charles M. – 33 yrs, Neece W. – 28 yrs, Mike N., Meg W. – 26 yrs.
O’Fallon Trailer Group: Clete G. – 58 yrs, Larry F. – 31 yrs, Steve S. – 30 yrs, Theresa M., Sally D., Duane R. – 28 yrs, Donna H. – 27 yrs, Jim F. – 26 yrs, Jim P. – 24 yrs, Randy F. – 23 yrs, John H., Robert M. – 22 yrs, Mike B., Aaron C. – 21 yrs, Dalyce C., Tom S., Doug H. – 19 yrs, Mike P., Renee L., Mike F., Jason D. – 18 yrs, David A. – 17 yrs, Steve M., Ken C. – 16 yrs, Darah F., Jeanie W., John M., Michael K. – 15 yrs, Cori S., Kathy B., Joel T. – 14 yrs, Bill J., Ellen D. – 13 yrs, Judy M. – 11 yrs, Candi C. – 9 yrs, Maggie D., Sarah S., Joe G., Alan W. – 6 yrs, Kim L. – 5 yrs, Stacey A. – 2 yrs.
Sparta 212 Group: Mary R. – 29 yrs, Ross E. – 20 yrs.
St Henrys Book Club Group: John G. – 5 yrs.
Trenton Group: Cory K. – 11 mos, Jeremy S. – 90 days.
Rule 62 Corner:
Rule 770: At least I knew something was wrong… Courtesy of Jay H. at the Trenton Grp
Rule 771: Relationships are a partnership, not a sole-proprietorship. Courtesy of Brian C. of New York NY in the June 2017 Grapevine.
Rule 772: One way you know you’ve hit bottom is when your behavior spirals down faster than you can lower your standards. Courtesy of Rachel W of West Lebanon NH in the June 2017 Grapevine.
Editor: Gene E. 228-9108

They can be the spiral-bound ones, or you can punch a useful reference hole in an unbound set and keep them together with a loose-leaf ring

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