October 2017

Oct 2017
District 14 Website Address: www.aa-district14.org/
Note: If you know of a member of AA who has passed away, please send an email (jshsellis@sbcglobal.net) to Gene so he can send out an email to let the fellowship know. Thank you.
District 14 met on 8 Oct 2017 at the O’Fallon Trailer Group in O’Fallon. There were 27 attendees. The 12 Nov 2017 meeting will be at the 623 Group. The Dec 2017 meeting will be on Saturday, 9 Dec 2017. The location is still unknown at this time. The time of the meeting(s) remains 1 pm. Hope to see you there.
As we promised, we will publish in each issue of the BN a list of the groups/people donating to the District. Here are the 7th Tradition donations received from 13 Aug 2017 to the present:
7th Tradition Donations to the District:
ESL Firehouse Group – $25.00
EST 12×12 Sun Group – $25.00
623 Group – $100
Waterloo Group – $400
O’Fallon Trailer Group – $520
Dist 14 has acquired a post office box & it is printed in the back section of the Where & When for 2017. The address is: District 14, P.O. Box 23794, Belleville IL 62223
Donations to District 14 can be mailed to the above address. If sending a check, please make it out to: District 14 AA
Planning is already underway for the 2018 Corned Beef & Cabbage in March 2018.
Committee Reports:
Archives: Alex C.: Not present
Booze News and Where & When’s: Gene E.: W&W’s: In September, a large number of W&W’s were provided to the 623 Club. More were handed out at the Oct GSR Mtg to all that asked for them. BN:All is well.
Bridging the Gap: Dan G. – : Talked to Dist 18 concerning a link on the Dist 18 Website to BTG. Dist 14 wants to get that same type of connection for the Dist 14 Website. If done, the link will be mobile friendly. A printout will be made available to people in the Treatment Center(s) that do not have access to a computer for whatever reason. By the end of the GSR Meeting, the BTG link on the Dist 14 Website was a reality.
Corrections: Chuck D. & Ed H.: Used the Corrections Budget to purchase AA literature from GSO Website. Big Books, 12×12 & Daily Reflections.
Rcvd email from SWICC Volunteer Coordinator informing AA that SWICC was going to start having mandatory substance abuse meetings on Monday & Friday which will overlap the AA meetings. Attendance will undoubtedly drop slightly.
Attended the Area 21 Corrections Conference on 7 Oct 2017. Several speakers were part of the event. Former inmates who made the successful transition to AA after release & even a former guard who related about experiences with inmates who attended AA on the inside. It is absolutely critical for a released inmate to get to a AA meeting within 24-48 hours. Their chances of success are better if they make the contact. A very uplifting conference for all.
CPC: Terry L.: On 27 Sep 2017, attended a candlelight vigil at Moody Park. A literature table was set up and questions were answered.
CSO: Vacant (the monthly meeting is held on the 3rd Sunday of each month)
Grapevine: Dennis M.: Not present
PI/LIT: Dave S.: Not present
Special Events: Lisa N.: Alkathon coming soon. Alkathon 2017 Planning Committee Meeting will be held 15 Oct 2017 at the 623 Club at 2 pm.. The Alkathon will occur from 24 Dec 17 to 1 Jan 2018 at the Cathedral Grade School. Groups are already selecting days & meals to sponsor. Call Lisa to reserve your date and/or meal. It is First Come, First serve!!!!
Technology Committee: Rob C., Teresa K., Mark W., Paula E.: If you have a flier on an AA function and want it posted on the District 14 Website, please send it immediately to Teresa at: District14Live@gmail.com
Developed & uploaded a site on Bridging the Gap. Activated it live at the GSR Meeting. Great stuff!!!
Treatment Facilities: Craig Z.: Talked to Gordon N. & info will be provided. Gateway needs more women to participate on Monday.
Workshop: Vacant
The Women of Hope will be having their 5th Annual Potluck/Bonfire Speaker Meeting on 29 Oct 2017. Eating will commence at 5:30 pm. Speaker will begin promptly at 7:00 pm & it will be Austin N. Please bring a side dish & a lawn chair.
The 20th Annual Illinois-Missouri Men’s AA Breakfast will be held 5 Nov 2017 at the Orlando Gardens at 2050 Dorsett Village in Maryland Heights MO. Breakfast begins right sharp at 9 am. with the speaker at 10 am. who will be Dennis H. of Belleville IL. The cost is $22 per person. No tickets will be sold at the door. For more info, call Adam W. at 618.520.1344 or Bill F. at 314.968.5299
MESYPAA will be having a district workshop on AA Slogans on 5 Nov 2017 at the 623 Club. The event will be held from 1 pm. To 4 pm. It will be interesting to see & hear the slogans of AA explained in detail.
The 1st National Corrections Conference will be held 10-12 Nov 2017at the Doubletree Hotel at 1973 Craigshire in St Louis MO. Registration is $30 and the Banquet is $30. Call John S. at 314.413.5939 who is the Conference Chair for more info.
The 2017 East Central Regional Forum will be held 17-19 Nov 2017 at the Wyndham Springfield City Centre at 700 East Adams St inSpringfield IL.
BIRTHDAYS: (Birthdays will only be entered if they occur before or on the date of the GSR Meeting; otherwise, they will be entered in a future edition of the Booze News).
623 Group: Terry N. – 42 yrs, Mike S., Loretta B. – 31 yrs, Rex F. – 30 yrs, Denny R. – 25 yrs, George D., Pat C. – 22 yrs, Joe D. – 20 yrs, Eleanor W. – 18 yrs, Brenda S., Rob B. – 17 yrs, Laura M., Tina L. – 15 yrs, Tom N. – 14 yrs, Ron D., Chris P., Justin W. – 13 yrs, Steve W., Suzy H., Cyndi B., Ed P. – 10 yrs, Kent L. – 9 yrs, Gary A. – 8 yrs, Lindsey R., Paul S. – 6 yrs, Damon B. – 2 yrs.
Archway to Freedom Group: Don C. – 36 yrs.
Busted Ego Group: Eric O. – 1 yr.
Cahokia Serenity Group: Brandon C. – 9 yrs.
Coffee Pot Group: Arlene N. – 41 yrs.
Collinsville Honesty Group: Cyndi P. – 32 yrs, Brian R. – 5 yrs.
Dr Bobs Group: Paul S. – 37 yrs, Susie R., Walt S. – 28 yrs, Alan W. – 24 yrs, Jakki L. – 17 yrs, Ronni T. – 15 yrs, Dave K., Art K. – 10 yrs, Lisa S., Mike R. – 9 yrs, Chris B., Fred F. – 8 yrs, Stephen R., Roger A., Jeff R., Kevin B. – 7 yrs.
East St Louis 12×12 Group: Nathaniel H. – 25 yrs, Craig S., Buggy B. – 24 yrs, Marqueto H., Nova – 23 yrs, Larry D. – 22 yrs, Danny J. – 19 yrs, Sheila M. – 14 yrs, Gene Y. – 12 yrs,
Pamela S. – 6 yrs.
Highland Group of Dist 18: Lee W. – 15 yrs, Jamie – 7 mos.
Kings House Group: Mike N. – 29 yrs, Kathy K. – 8 yrs, Alex C. – 6 yrs.
Mascoutah Group: Wayne L. – 24 yrs, Christine S. – 16 yrs, Larry R. – 4 yrs.
O’Fallon Trailer Group: Jan A. – 39 yrs, Linda L-F. – 38 yrs, Gene S. – 33 yrs, Donna W. – 30 yrs, Bear, Rich M., Richard B. – 29 yrs, Bob T. – 28 yrs, Jim B., Jim M. – 27 yrs, John M., Shelley P., Paul H. – 26 yrs, Cecil F., Tracy H., Tony G. – 24 yrs, Steve L. – 23 yrs, Karen W. – 22 yrs, Jerry J., Rick B. – 21 yrs, Chris V. – 19 yrs, Amber B., Randy R., Ben V., Neil B. – 18 yrs, Bob V., Crystal M., Rose L., Mike N. – 17 yrs, Jeff K., Dominic R., Matty S., Mark D. – 16 yrs, Johnny P. – 15 yrs, Alan R. – 14 yrs, Gary K., Karen T. – 13 yrs, Claude H. – 10 yrs, Dave J. – 8 yrs, John L. – 7 yrs, Lisa M. – 6 yrs, Mark F. – 4 yrs, Kim S. – 3 yrs, Dan, Rob C. – 2 yrs, Annie G. – 18 mos, Cat – 1 yr.
Rule 62 Group of Breese: Mary W. – 36 yrs.
Sparta 212 Group: Aleve L. – 36 yrs, Rorbert G. – 31 yrs, Wayne D., Bill V. – 25 yrs, Eedsel D. – 22 yrs, Cindy Z. – 15 yrs, Jason H. – 6 yrs.
St Henrys Book Club Group: Barney S. – 17 yrs.
Trenton Group: Lee W. – 15 yrs, Carl B. – 5 yrs.
Waterloo Group: Paul H. – 14 yrs, Jeanne R. – 10 yrs, Patricia S., John S. – 8 yrs.
Women of Hope: Lisa H. – 11 yrs.
Rule 62 Corner:
Rule 780: Surprisingly, we found that our troubles could, under God’s grace, be converted into unimagined blessings. Courtesy of a letter by Bill W. 1966
Rule 781: We must speak up for ourselves and for our points of view.Courtesy of the Daily Reading in Touchstones Daily Meditations for Men on 19 July.
Rule 782: By pursuing recovery and spiritual growth, we have chosen to live more fully and to use our energies well. Courtesy of the Daily Reading in Touchstones Daily Meditations for Men on 16 July.
Rule 783: In recovery, it seems we have begun life again, only with our eyes a little more open. Courtesy of the Daily Reading in Touchstones Daily Meditations for Men on 13 July.
Rule 784: The Twelve Traditions are there to save AA from us. Courtesy of Ed H. Sparta IL
Rule 785: I have to read pg 417, (4th Edition of the Big Book) every week.Courtesy of Alysha G. at the Trenton Group
And acceptance is the answer to all my problems today. 
When I am disturbed, 
It is because I find some person, place, thing, situation — 
Some fact of my life — unacceptable to me, 
And I can find no serenity until I accept 
That person, place, thing, or situation 
As being exactly the way it is supposed to be at this moment. 
Nothing, absolutely nothing happens in God’s world by mistake. 
Until I could accept my alcoholism, I could not stay sober; 
Unless I accept life completely on life’s terms, 
I cannot be happy. 
I need to concentrate not so much 
On what needs to be changed in the world 
As on what needs to be changed in me and in my attitudes.”
Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition p. 417 
Copyright  1976 A.A.W.S. Inc.
Thought to Consider . . . 

Acceptance is not submission; 
It is acknowledgment of the facts of a situation, 
Then deciding what you’re going to do about it. 
Editor: Gene E.

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