Bridging the Gap

District 14 Website Bridging the Gap Form
The Bridging the Gap program is designed to help a person from a treatment program,
detox facility, or who has been released from behind the walls, make the transition to a
recovery-oriented lifestyle.
If you are interested, upon your discharge, you will be paired with an active member of
Alcoholics Anonymous near your community. This trusted servant of AA will provide
transportation to several AA meetings and introduce you to the program Alcoholics
During this time, you will have an opportunity to learn more about the 12 Steps,
sponsorship, meetings, and it will afford you the opportunity to fellowship with people
just like you.
When you are discharged, we strongly encourage you to attend an AA meeting as soon
as possible. This is a crucial step in the transition to a sober life.
Your Bridging the Gap contact is temporary and will not provide housing, food, clothing,
jobs, money, or other such amenities.
To request a temporary confidential AA contact, please complete the form below and
click “SEND.” Your request will be forwarded to the Alcoholics Anonymous District 14
Treatment and Bridging the Gap Committee. After making contact, no records are kept.

Are you leaving treatment soon, or do you want more information on Bridging the Gap in AA?

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