July 2019


Note: If you know of a member of AA who has passed away, please send an email (jshsellis@sbcglobal.net) to Gene or call him (618.228.9108) so he can send out an email to let the fellowship know. Thank you.

District 14 met on 21 July 2019 at the 623 Club. There were 28 attendees. The next meeting will be held on 18 Aug 2019 at the 623 Club in Belleville IL. The 8 Sep 2019 (yes, a September meeting) meeting will be held in Sparta IL at the Sparta 212 Club. The meeting will begin at 11 a.m. as they have a 2 p.m. meeting. The 13 Oct 2019 meeting will be held in Trenton with the Trenton Group hosting. As always, the meeting starts at 1 p.m. unless so stated. Hope to see you there.

As we promised, we will publish in each issue of the BN a list of the groups/people donating to the District. Here are the 7th Tradition donations received from 16 June 2019 to the present.

7th Tradition Donations to the District:
Busted Ego Group – $300
623 Group – $100
Trenton Group – $80
Half Measures Group – $200


Jeff Juenger – He attended meetings at the Mascoutah Group – He will be missed


Dist 14 has a post office box & the address will be printed on the cover page of the Where & When for 2019. The address is: District 14, P.O. Box 23794, Belleville IL 62223

Donations to District 14 can be mailed to the above address. If sending a check, please make it out to: District 14 AA

The Blue Collar Sobriety Group meets at 7517 N Illinois in Caseyville….not 7157

The Collinsville Lounge Group meets on Mon, Tues, & Sat at 201 E Church St…..a new address.

The Waterloo Group now meets at 200 N Main St in Waterloo. A handicapped accesible address.

Committee Reports:

Archives: Alex C. : All is going well. Alex would like to attend the National Archives Convention/Conference in Sep 2019 & after discussion, the Trusted Servants voted their approval; therefore, Alex has been approved to attend the conference.

Booze News and Where & When’s: Gene E. : W&W’s: Three chgs were made to the W&W & all chgs concerned address corrections and/or changes. All chgs were posted on the website W&W by Rob C. BN: All is well.

Bridging the Gap: Dan G. : Not present.

Corrections: Chuck D. & Ed H. : Ed H. will attend the National Corrections Conference representing Area 21. Chuck D. may go representing Dist 14….more on that later….. At SWICC, they are now allowed to bring in a CD player & one (1, yes 1) CD at a time for the meetings. Joe & Charlie CD’s are being utlized to enhance the meetings. A truly great step!!!

CPC: Eric O. : Nothing to report

CSO: Dana C. : Not present

Grapevine: Lindsey M. : Not present

MESYPAA: Progress has been steady on getting ready for the National Mesypaa Convention which is going to be held in the Metro East.

PI/LIT: Mike M. : Not present

Special Events: Vacant

Technology Committee: Rob C. : The Annual National AA Technology Workshop is being held on 20-22 Sep 2019 in Bowling Green KY. Rob & Teresa will be attending this event. The “Guide to a Meeting App” will be placed and made available for usage on the Dist 14 Website.

Treatment Facilities: James W. : Not present.


The 3rd Annual Metro-East Banquet will be held 3 Aug 2019 at Bellecourt Manor at 225 East A St in Belleville IL. The fellowship begins at 5:30 pm and the dinner begins at 6:30 pm. The speaker will begin promptly at 8 p.m. The speaker is Marti P. of Buda TX. Tickets are $30 and the last day for ticket sales is 19 July 2019. There will be no tickets sales at the door. For more info, contact Eric O. at 618.531.1671.

The Rend Lake Campout at Rend Lake is back!!! It will be held 22-25 Aug 2019. The location is the North Sandusky Loop at the Shagbark Group Area. The fees are $20 per camper & $10 per tent. More later….

The 37th Annual Potluck for the Edwardsville Saturday Night Library Group will be held 28 Sep 2019. The location is St Mary’s Church basement at the corner of Notre Dame & Madison in Edwardsville IL. The dinner begins at 7 p.m. With the speaker starting at 8 p.m. The speaker is Mark W. of St Louis MO.

The 22nd Annual Illinois-Missouri Men’s AA Breakfast will be held on 27 Oct 2019 at the Orlando Gardens at 4300 Hoffmeister Ave in St Louis MO. The cost of the breakfast is $25. The speaker is Arlin S. of Alton IL. The breakfast begins at 9 a.m. & the speaker begins promptly at 10 a.m. For more info, call Bill D. at 314.971.0251 or Jerry G. at 314.520.1225.

The December 2019 Area Assembly will be hosted by District 14 & will be held on 8 Dec 2019. More to come later…..

BIRTHDAYS: (Birthdays will only be entered if they occur before or on the date of the GSR Meeting; otherwise, they will be entered in a future edition of the Booze News).

623 Group: Danny P. – 36 yrs, Jerry H., Rob B., Dennis C. – 31 yrs, Rick S. – 25 yrs, Zara E. – 22 yrs, Rhonda Q. – 19 yrs, Jackie O. – 17 yrs, Craig B. – 16 yrs, Kevin H. – 15 yrs, Dale A. – 14 yrs, Marcella B. – 13 yrs, Dan M. – 7 yrs, Dennis P. – 5 yrs, Dean V. – 4 yrs, Ralph S. – 1 yr, Amanda – 30 days.

Busted Ego Group: Austin N. – 3 yrs.

Coffee Pot Group: Skip B. – 22 yrs.

Collinsville Honesty Group of Dist 18: Tom C. – 19 yrs.

Collinsville Lounge Group: Chris S. – 17 yrs, John F. – 14 yrs.

Dr Bobs Group: Kenny K. – 16 yrs, Elmer R. – 15 yrs, James D. – 13 yrs, Steve F. – 11 yrs, Curtis S., John L. – 10 yrs, David M., Frank G., Mark M., Susan V., Mike P. – 9 yrs, Samantha A. – 5 yrs.

East St Louis 12×12 Group: John B. – 32 yrs, Leo H. – 26 yrs, Myran C. – 24 yrs, Terry B. – 23 yrs, Lenora A. – 20 yrs, Dan G. – 19 yrs, Denise F. – 18 yrs, Angelica C. – 16 yrs, Timothy S. – 13 yrs, James K. – 10 yrs.
Gatehouse Group: Harold M. – 28 yrs, Steve S. – 27 yrs, Doug S. – 15 yrs.
How It Works Group: Chuck D. – 9 yrs.
Kings House Group: Mary Ellen J. – 32 yrs, Keith P. – 17 yrs, Daniel H. – 1 yr.
Mascoutah Group: Alan E. – 3 yrs.
Rule 62 Group of Breese: Frank C. – 9 yrs.

O’Fallon Trailer Group: Helen B. – 41 yrs, Dustin B. – 39 yrs, Barb H. – 32 yrs, Gil G., Marilyn L. – 29 yrs, Kristina W., Liz H. – 27 yrs, Mike M. – 25 yrs, John G. – 24 yrs, Gil B. – 22 yrs, Amy P., Jodi F. – 21 yrs, Karen G., Craig R., Curt K. – 20 yrs, Sheryl K., Perry W., Laura M., John H., Don L., Tiffany C. – 19 yrs, Chris J. – 15 yrs, Deb C., Bruce N. – 7 yrs, Jerry G. – 6 yrs, Deb G. – 4 yrs.

Sparta 212 Group: Paul M. – 20 yrs, Becky C. – 10 yrs, Logan H. – 9 yrs.
St Henry’s Book Club Group: Paula E. – 33 yrs, Gary G. – 16 yrs.
Trenton Group: Denny S. – 32 yrs.
Waterloo Group: Dave C. – 5 yrs.

Rule 62 Corner:

Rule 905: Demanding that our opinions always be accepted as right is destructive to our relationships. Courtesy of Touchstones Daily Meditations for Men, reading of 28 April

Rule 906: Any relationship is a process, not a momentary event with an instantaneous outcome. Courtesy of Touchstones Daily Meditations for Men, reading of 29 May

Rule 907: God is always with us, but sometimes we are the missing party. Courtesy of Touchstones Daily Meditations for Men, reading of 26 June

Rule 908: By pursuing recovery and spiritual growth, we have chosen to live more fully and to use our energies well. Courtesy of Touchstones Daily Meditations for Men, reading of 16 July

Rule 909: As long as we placed self-reliance first, a genuine reliance upon a Higher Power was out of the question. That basic ingredient of all humility, a desire to seek and do God’s will, was missing. Courtesy of the 12×12, pg 72.

Editor: Gene E. 228-9108