September 2019


Note: If you know of a member of AA who has passed away, please send an email ( to Gene or call him (618.228.9108) so he can send out an email to let the fellowship know. Thank you.

District 14 met on 15 Sep 2019 at the Sparta 212 Club at 11 a.m. There were 24 attendees. The 13 Oct 2019 meeting will be held in Trenton with the Trenton Group hosting. As always, the meeting starts at 1 p.m. unless so stated. Hope to see you there.

As we promised, we will publish in each issue of the BN a list of the groups/people donating to the District. Here are the 7th Tradition donations received from 18 Aug 2019 to the present.

7th Tradition Donations to the District:

Our Group Firehouse – $50.00
12×12 Sunday @ 3 pm in ESL – $50.00
Kings House Wednesday Night Group – $120.00
Women of Hope 2.0 Group – $96.63
Busted Ego Group – $207.00

Hazelden Keep It Simple Big Book Wednesday 7 p.m. Group – $37.50


Dave Plab
A member of the Mascoutah Group
He chaired meetings at Gateway
He leaves us with over 6 yrs of sobriety
He will be missed

Bill Howser
He attended meetings in the Centralia Region
After somebody shared, he always said “keep coming back”
Leaving us with over 34 years of sobriety
He will be missed


Dist 14 has a post office box & the address was printed on the cover page of the Where & When for 2019 & will be done in the future. The address is: District 14, P.O. Box 23794, Belleville IL 62223

Donations to District 14 can be mailed to the above address. If sending a check, please make it out to: District 14 AA

Elections were held to fill vacancies in the Trusted Servants. Cheryl M. was elected as the Alternate DCM. Laura K. was elected as Secretary. Congratulations!!!

Mary Bair is the new GSR for the O’Fallon Trailer Group.
Cori Stewart is the new Alt GSR for the Kings House Group.
Samantha Allen is the new GSR for the Women of Hope 2.0 Group.

The Collinsville New Life & Lounge Groups are changing their meeting times from 8 p.m. to 7 p.m. beginning 21 Sep 2019. These changes will be reflected in the on-line Where & When.

The Women of Hope 2.0 Group will change their thursday meeting to friday beginning 4 Oct 2019. This change will be reflected in the on-line Where & When. There will be the Annual Bonfire Event on 27 Oct 2019. For more details, please call Sam A. ( 618.772.4050).

The Busted Ego Group has changed the meeting format for the 2nd tuesday of each month. This will be a tradition meeting & the change has already been implemented. This change will also be reflected in the on-line Where & When.

Committee Reports:

Archives: Alex C.: All is going well. Alex will be attending the National Archives Convention/Conference in Sep 2019 per the Trusted Servants who voted their approval.

Booze News and Where & When’s: Gene E.: W&W’s: Have 3 time changes & one name correction to be made. These changes will be reflected in the on-line Where & When. W&W’s were handed out at the meeting. BN: One request was rcvd for the BN to be sent to the individual by email.

Bridging the Gap: Vacant

Corrections: Chuck D. – & Ed H.: J&C Tapes are on the monday meeting format. Discussion on Friday. Chuck will not be attending the National Corrections Conference in Houston TX. Will plan instead on going to the 2020 Conference in Schaumburg IL.

CPC: Eric O.: At the Labor Day Parade, an opportunity was presented that allowed 4 or 5 union reps to be asked about displaying AA Pamphlets in their Union Halls. Still waiting on the results.

CSO: Joni M.: Not present

Grapevine: Robbie M.: GV-Grapevine is now selling One Day at a Time calendars and suggests any clubs or locations that can leave things on the wall look at purchasing. December is the month for free shipping. Area will be hosting a Grapevine Writing Workshop in the near future.

MESYPAA: The ISCYPAA Convention for the State of Illinois is going to be held 13-15 March 2020 at the Four Points Sheraton in Fairview Heights IL. Flyers have been printed for the event. There is a Halloween Party in Bloomington that will be a fund raiser for the convention.

PI/LIT: Peyton M.: All is well.

Special Events: Connie S.: Not present.

Technology Committee: Rob C.: I will be attending the 2019 National AA Technology Workshop (NAATW) on 20-22 Sep 2019 in Bowling Green KY. I will gather as much information as I can from the seminars/sessions and present a report at the October Meeting.

Treatment Facilities: Liz M.: Megan G. is chairing at Gateway. Books taken inside are thoroughly marked with Dist 14. Busted Ego Grp has provided many speakers. More speakers are needed. A group really needs to provide speakers for a whole month (4 speakers). Touchette has resolved the security issues. Meetings started last tuesday & are going ok.

Treatment Centers Committee met 9/14 and established chairs for each location, along with passing out materials. Touchette started the Tuesday night rotation and all spots are filled through October. Now looking at establishing volunteers for November. Gateway will now have a Big Book topic meeting on Mondays and Groups will be providing speakers for Sunday night meeting. If your group is interested in being in rotation please contact me.


The 2019 National AA Technology Workshop (NAATW) will be held 20-22 Sep 2019 in Bowling Green KY. This will be hosted by Area 26, District 3 and the surrounding districts. The NAATW will be held at the Holiday Inn University Plaza – Sloan Convention Center at 1021 Wilkinson Trace in Bowling Green. For more info, send an email to: or .

The New Day Recovery Club will be having a fish fry on 27 Sep 2019. I believe the event will run from 2-6 p.m. For more info, please call Laura K. (402-689.3553) for more info…..

The 37th Annual Potluck for the Edwardsville Saturday Night Library Group will be held 28 Sep 2019. The location is St Mary’s Church basement at the corner of Notre Dame & Madison in Edwardsville IL. The dinner begins at 7 p.m. With the speaker starting at 8 p.m. The speaker is Mark W. of St Louis MO.

The Annual East Central Regional Conference will be held 18-20 Oct 2019 at the Crowne Plaza Milwaukee Airport at 6401 South 13th St in Milwaukee Wisconsin. For more info, call Nancy H. at 414.801.5184 or Chris S. at 414.333.8167.

The 22nd Annual Illinois-Missouri Men’s AA Breakfast will be held on 27 Oct 2019 at the Orlando Gardens at 4300 Hoffmeister Ave in St Louis MO. The cost of the breakfast is $25. The speaker is Arlin S. of Alton IL. The breakfast begins at 9 a.m. & the speaker begins promptly at 10 a.m. For more info, call Bill D. at 314.971.0251 or Jerry G. at 314.520.1225.

The 3rd Annual National Corrections Conference will be held 1-3 Nov 2019 in Houston TX. Registration is $30.00 and the banquet is $40.00. For more info, please call the conference chair at 832.998.4992.

The December 2019 Area Assembly will be hosted by District 14 & will be held on 8 Dec 2019 at the St Luke’s Parish Center at 225 North Church St in Belleville IL. The registration is $5.00 and a light breakfast will be provided. The lunch is $10.00. For more info, contact Cheryl M. at 618.402.5260.

BIRTHDAYS: (Birthdays will only be entered if they occur before or on the date of the GSR Meeting; otherwise, they will be entered in a future edition of the Booze News).

623 Group: Mike S., Loretta B. – 33 yrs, Rex F. – 32 yrs, George D. – 24 yrs, Eleanor W. – 20 yrs, Brenda S., Rob B. – 19 yrs, Laura M. – 17 yrs, Tom N. – 16 yrs, Ron D. – 15 yrs, Steve W. – 12 yrs, Lindsey K. – 8 yrs, Gary A. – 6 yrs, Ricky S. – 5 yrs, Emily – 1 yr.

Collinsville Honesty Group of Dist 18: Cindi P. – 34 yrs.

Dr Bobs Group: Susie R., Walt S. – 30 yrs, Alan W. – 26 yrs, Jakki L. – 19 yrs, Ronni T. – 17 yrs, Dave K., Art K. – 12 yrs, Mike R. – 11 yrs, Chris B., Fred F. – 10 yrs, Stephen R., Roger A. – 9 yrs.

East St Louis 12×12 Group: Craig S. – 26 yrs, Marqueto H. – 25 yrs, Danny J. – 21 yrs, Sheila M. – 16 yrs, Gene Y. – 14 yrs.

Kings House Group: Jen V. – 13 yrs, Kathy K. – 10 yrs, Jimi P. – 5 yrs.

Mascoutah Group: Christine S. – 18 yrs.

O’Fallon Trailer Group: Gene S. – 35 yrs, Rich M. – 31 yrs, John M. – 28 yrs, Cecil F., Tracy H. – 26 yrs, Karen W. – 24 yrs, Jerry J. – 23 yrs, Ben V., Neil B. – 20 yrs, Crystal M. – 19 yrs, Jeff K. – 18 yrs, Johnny P. – 17 yrs, Gary K. – 15 yrs, Dave J. – 10 yrs, John L. – 9 yrs.

Sparta 212 Group: Aleve L. – 38 yrs, Rorbert G. – 33 yrs, Wayne D., Bill V. – 27 yrs, Cindy Z. – 17 yrs.

St Henry’s Book Club Group: Barney S. – 19 yrs.

Trenton Group: Lee W. – 17 yrs, Daniel B. – 6 mos.

Waterloo Group: Paul H. – 16 yrs, Jeanne R. – 12 yrs, Patricia S., John S. – 10 yrs.

Women of Hope 2.0 Group: Kim B. – 2 yrs.

Rule 62 Corner:

Rule 915: The wise have always known that no one can make much of his life until self-searching becomes a regular habit, until he is able to admit and accept what he finds, and until he patiently and persistently tries to correct what is wrong. Courtesy of 12×12, pg 88

Rule 916: Beaten into complete defeat by alcohol, confronted by the living proof of release, and surrounded by those who can speak to us from the heart, we have finally surrendered. Courtesy of A.A. Today, pg 9

Rule 917: Anxieties and stresses come and go for everyone, but we often increased our problems by trying to cure what would pass on its own accord. Courtesy of Touchstones Daily Meditations for Men, reading of 21 Aug

Rule 918: When we become honest with ourselves, we develop an internally respectful relationship with ourselves…the courage it has taken for us and others on this journey to become honest is heroic in the deepest sense of the word. Courtesy of Touchstones Daily Meditations for Men, reading of 27 Aug

Rule 919: Fear is a distraction for what we are supposed to be doing. Courtesy of Ken at the Trenton Mtg

Editor: Gene E. 228-9108